In a monumental stride towards fortifying maritime security, Celestial Tech Limited has been entrusted with a pivotal task. The Bangladesh Coast Guard has assigned us the crucial responsibility of not only installing cutting-edge propulsion systems on their 11 boats (9 Metal Shark boats, 2 Typhoon class boats) but also providing supply, commissioning, test, trial, comprehensive training and installation parts. This comprehensive upgrade will see the integration of Volvo Penta engines, ZF gearboxes, and Hamilton Jet waterjets, solidifying the fleet’s capabilities to face modern maritime challenges.

Revolutionizing Propulsion:

Hamilton Jet Waterjets – Enhanced Performance:

The backbone of this project involves replacing aging waterjet systems with 22 brand-new units for 11 boats (9 Metal Shark boats, 2 Typhoon class boats). Among them, 4 sets of Hamilton HJ274 Waterjet will replace the Typhoon Class Boats predecessors, while 18 sets of Hamilton HJ292 Waterjet will significantly amplify the 9 Metal Shark boats’ thrust and maneuverability. This upgrade promises to elevate the boats’ performance, ensuring they remain agile and responsive in any maritime environment.

Volvo Penta Marine Diesel Engines – The Powerhouse Within:

The heart of this upgrade lies in the installation of 4 sets of Volvo Penta D6-380 marine diesel engines, each equipped with a advance control system. These engines are renowned for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and robust performance. They will serve as the formidable powerhouse propelling for 2 Typhoon class boats forward.

ZF Gearboxes – Precision in Power Transmission:

Complementing the Volvo Penta engines are 4 sets of ZF Model: 220 gearboxes, complete with associated accessories. ZF is globally recognized for producing high-quality, precision-engineered gearboxes, ensuring seamless power transmission from the engines to the waterjets. This enhancement will significantly boost the boats’ overall performance and maneuverability.

After Sales Service and Training:

Celestial Tech Limited’s commitment goes beyond installation. They will also provide comprehensive after-sales service and training, ensuring that the Bangladesh Coast Guard can maximize the potential of their upgraded fleet. This includes maintenance support, troubleshooting, and hands-on training for Coast Guard personnel to handle and operate the advanced systems efficiently.

Project Impact and Future Prospects:

This comprehensive upgrade project, coupled with Celestial Tech Limited’s commitment to after-sales service and training, is poised to have a profound and lasting impact on the operational capabilities of the Bangladesh Coast Guard. The Typhoon class boats and Metal Shark Boats will be better equipped to navigate coastal waters, respond to emergencies, and carry out critical missions with precision and efficiency.


The assignment of Celestial Tech Limited for supply, installation, commissioning, test, trial and comprehensive training parts in addition to upgrading the propulsion systems is a testament to the Bangladesh Coast Guard’s dedication to maritime security. This project represents a strategic investment in the nation’s maritime security and defense capabilities. As the new propulsion systems come online, the Typhoon class boats will emerge as formidable assets in safeguarding Bangladesh’s coastal interests. This success sets a promising precedent for the future of maritime defense in Bangladesh, solidifying the nation’s dedication to staying at the forefront of coastal security technology.