For the first time in Bangladesh Celestial Tech Limited has installed two  WatchKeeper™ MetOcean Buoy by ANYX for Chittagong Port Authority, Chattogram. These buoys are flexible and durable platform hosting Directional Wave Sensor.

The MetOcean buoy have been placed in the Karnaphuli River Channel and in the coastal belt of Bay of Bengal for the assistance in marine navigation, data collection and absolute data management with higher accuracy both in oceanographic and meteorological fields.

 Each buoy contains a number of sensors for measuring wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, barometric pressure, wave height, direction & period, current speed & direction to acquire, store and transmit in-situ and real-time data. Two-way telemetry is available with Satellite, Cellular and Radio options including AIS. And also they are fitted with Solar panels and rechargeable batteries and are providing autonomous power for optimal performance in the rough marine environments.

This platform provides a low power efficient system and long term deployment capabilities. Two Watchkeeper MetOcean Buoy of AXYS Technologies has been placed. A proven, versatile and reliable data collection buoy for diverse oceanic environments.